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Financial Concepts

The Wealthy

  • Know what true wealth is

  • DO things that most of us WON’T

  • Know that so-called ‘secrets’ are not secrets, they have been around for thousands of years!

  • Know the first step is to eliminate and not take on debt

  • Use advisors – accounting, financial, legal

  • Know how to eliminate financial stress

  • Know creating a plan is the only truly effective way to start to achieve wealth

You need to plan today for your worry-free retirement tomorrow. To arrange a Courtesy Interview, contact us, call, or email

 As a client of Shea WealthCare, WE WANT YOU TO CONTACT US WITH YOUR “HERE’S WHAT WE’RE THINKING ABOUT DOING” QUESTIONS, NOT YOUR “GUESS WHAT WE JUST DID” COMMENTS! So ask us now, months or even years before your actual retirement date.