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Mission Statement

The mission of Shea WealthCare is to protect your wealth while exceeding your expectations.

We have a very unique approach.  We help people find money that they are transferring away, unknowingly and unnecessarily, by addressing issues such as how they fund their retirement plans, structure their mortgages, and pay their taxes.

Our clients want:

  1. Tax free returns between 6 – 8%
  2. Principal protection
  3. Low fees

We believe this mission is best accomplished through continuing client education, and ethical standards of conduct which do not compromise quality.

As a client of Shea WealthCare, WE WANT YOU TO CONTACT US WITH YOUR “HERE’S WHAT WE’RE THINKING ABOUT DOING” QUESTIONS, NOT YOUR “GUESS WHAT WE JUST DID” COMMENTS!  So ask us now, months or even years before your actual retirement date.