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College without Student Loans

Do you know how to attend your ideal college and make it affordable regardless of your income?

Student load debt has reached $1.3 TRILLION AND GROWING. Don’t be a part of it. There is a better way — and we can show you!

If you have or know of a child who is anticipating a college education, and is a High School junior or younger, contact us for information.


Do you HOPE you don’t outlive your money in retirement?  Or could CERTAINTY be a better option?

Do you HOPE the stock market doesn’t tank during your 25 to 30 retirement years and possibly tear your retirement dreams to shreds?

Contact us to share a five minute concept that could put CERTAINTY in your hands.

Advice from a tree

This was found on twitter.

It seems like good advice for human beings as well.

Most people instantly relax when viewing this.

Pretty much covers the basics.


Your Personal Roadmap To Financial Success

Most families today are facing tough financial decisions and don’t know where to turn for the right solution.

We have solutions to help families gain financial security and independence.

An excellent educational source is the book “My Family Financial Miracle”, written by my colleague, Merle Gilley.

You may contact us for a copy of the book and/or sign into the private Family Financial Miracle page, input your name, email address and Promo Code Number 000145 (Promo Codes are being phased out and may no longer be an option).  You will be sent a private link by email that you can use to view any of the videos in the book.

You’ll discover strategies for wealth accumulation without market losses or taxation.


Wealthy individuals who have achieved various levels of financial freedom have discovered the secret to eliminating money worries.

It is so simple, but not necessarily easy, to be wise about managing your money. 

Once you decide that you are truly tired of money worries, you must start and then religiously follow this simple plan to achieve the first level of financial stability:

1.     Get out of debt
2.     Stay out of debt
3.     Save more than you spend
4.     Have enough assets to pay your expenses for at least 3 months
5.     Have hospitalization, life insurance and disability insurance to protect your lifestyle in case of death or disability

At this point your money worries should be long gone! 

You have gained peace of mind knowing your family’s lifestyle will not be compromised in case you have to locate new sources of income. 

You might even become so enthused while listening to Johnny Paycheck’s “Take This Job and Shove It”, that you actually do quit that JOB, and set your sights on accomplishing your very fondest dreams.

Shea WealthCare – We’ll Get You There!

Welcome to the new Shea WealthCare

Welcome to the new Shea WealthCare website.  We are committed to helping you plan a successful and happy retirement!