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Insurance services

We can help you execute a sound tax-efficient savings program, designed to protect your assets, utilizing the following Insurance products* and services:

• 401(k) / 403(b) Rollovers
• IRA’s / Roth IRA’s
• Fixed Index Annuities
• Life Insurance

You need to plan today for your worry-free retirement tomorrow. To arrange a Courtesy Interview, contact us, call, or email

* No charges are made by Shea WealthCare for Insurance services as we may receive commission based compensation.  Product providers may  have charges as set forth in the applicable Prospectus(es), illustrations, and/or other disclosure documents which are presented to clients at the time of application, if not before.

Investment services

We specialize in providing quality investment advisory services designed to take the mystery out of investing.

We can help you execute a sound financial strategy utilizing the following Investment products and services:

• 401(k) / 403(b) Rollovers
• IRA’s / Roth IRA’s
• Fixed Index Annuities
• Managed Investment Accounts

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Our Services

We provide investment advisory services that assist clients to reduce taxes, minimize risk, maximize growth, eliminate the fear of financial loss, and retire comfortably.


  • Quality asset allocation, income allocation and tax allocation advice

  • Investment structures to help manage risk and seek absolute return

  • Tax-Efficient income planning

  • Investment strategies designed to provide opportunities for growth

  • Financial solutions designed to help throughout a lifetime

“Who is most at risk?  People who don’t have much else in the way of assets other than their retirement accounts, as well as those with million-dollar IRAs, are most in danger of losing their savings due to the combination of taxes I’ve described.”
~ Ed Slott, National Tax Expert & Author, “The Retirement Savings Time Bomb”

You choose the service(s) you want.

“In all things, success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation, there is to be such failure.”
~ Confucius (551-479 BC), philosopher

You need to plan today for your worry-free retirement tomorrow. To arrange a Courtesy Interview, contact us, call, or email

Our Associates

Jack Shea, Manager & President
Founding Member, Investment Advisor Representative
Phone:  (940) 218-1878

Jack is an Investment Advisor Representative with First Advisors National (FANRIA).

Along with his teammates at TriQuest USA, Jack is on a national mission to help one million families get out of debt and adding upwards of a million dollars or more to their future savings.  Jack helps working Americans achieve financial security using proven financial strategies focused on eliminating debt, protecting against loss and taxation, increasing and safeguarding assets.

Jack offers tax favored strategies designed to help maximize Social Security and other income by designing retirement solutions that provide tax-efficient spend-down of their retirement assets, enabling them to fulfill their dreams, relax and enjoy their well earned security.

He graduated from the University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio; and obtained his MBA from Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Jack and his wife, Arlene, have two grown sons and three adorable grandchildren.  Arlene is a selfless, wonderful woman, the love of his life, a marvelous contributor and helpmate.


Arlene Shea, Member
Founding Member, Adminstrator
Phone:  (940) 218-1878

Arlene is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses with the administrative aspects of building their financial futures. Arlene is devoted to SheaWealthCare clients.  To our clients, Arlene is a kind and motherly woman – trustworthy, helpful and dependable.

Maintaining a strong sense of family (3 wonderful grandchildren), and a solid professional foundation are very important to Arlene.  Arlene enjoys reading a good mystery and vacationing at the beach, however, she is always happiest when she returns home.


Jerry Shea
Information Technology Consultant
Phone:  (940) 218-1878

Jerry assists Shea WealthCare on a part time basis and is a major contributor to the information technology functions of our firm.  He has an extensive background in consulting, computer programming, analysis and problem solving.

Jerry has a BA in Business Administration / Computer Science from Austin College where he maintained a major GPA of 3.9 based on a 4.0 scale.

Jerry devotes his quality time to his family, is sports oriented, and enjoys playing computer games as well as his many pinball machines.


Charlotte Braswell assists Shea WealthCare on a part time basis concentrating on back office service and procedures.  We are grateful for her assistance.

She is a generous fun loving person who enjoys people, travel and bowling.

Charlotte has been a client for many years and is a good friend and neighbor.