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Wealthy individuals who have achieved various levels of financial freedom have discovered the secret to eliminating money worries.

It is so simple, but not necessarily easy, to be wise about managing your money. 

Once you decide that you are truly tired of money worries, you must start and then religiously follow this simple plan to achieve the first level of financial stability:

1.     Get out of debt
2.     Stay out of debt
3.     Save more than you spend
4.     Have enough assets to pay your expenses for at least 3 months
5.     Have hospitalization, life insurance and disability insurance to protect your lifestyle in case of death or disability

At this point your money worries should be long gone! 

You have gained peace of mind knowing your family’s lifestyle will not be compromised in case you have to locate new sources of income. 

You might even become so enthused while listening to Johnny Paycheck’s “Take This Job and Shove It”, that you actually do quit that JOB, and set your sights on accomplishing your very fondest dreams.

Shea WealthCare – We’ll Get You There!

Our Firm

For many years, we have safeguarded our clients retirement days by teaching them alternative ways to be financially independent.

Service that exceeds expectations

Wealthy individuals have learned to rely on the skills and proven wisdom of experienced financial advisors with competency across a wide range of financial disciplines.

Our goal is to provide tax-efficient products and strategies that reduce risk while improving returns for our clients through proper asset allocation, distribution planning and tax diversification.

Our firm works under the following simple premise: “We’ll get you there!”.